Posted on June 14, 2006
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3 responses to “Hindu Temple in Lahore Demolished”

  1. […] One of the very first posts we had done here on ATP was about the alleged demolition of a Hindu temple in Rangmahal Lahore (here). We followed it up with a second post demonstrating that by design and by default key forces in the media and amongst politicians tend to distort issues for their own myopic gains, even at the cost of the larger issues at stake (here). A third post on this issue from ATP followed up the story further and tried, as best as we could, to separate the facts from the rhetoric (here). […]

  2. Adil Najam says:

    The mystery on this story continues. I certianly hope that what the Pakistan Foriegn Office is saying is correct and the temple is safe.

    Excerpts from a report in The Daily Times, June 16, 2006:

    NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD: The Indian government said on Thursday that it had taken up the alleged demolition of a temple in Lahore with Pakistani authorities. “We have seen media reports of the demolition of the Krishna Temple and the matter has been taken up with the Pakistani authorities,â€

  3. ATJ says:

    If I recall correctly, some time back Saudi Arabia destroyed buildings from Prophet Mohmmad time (he stayed there or the buildings were connected to him in some way) to make way for constructing malls and assorted shopping centres. There was not a murmur of protest in the muslim world.

    Contrast this to the Babri masjid episode in India.