Posted on June 20, 2006
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27 responses to “Trim your facial hair, please”

  1. Ameer Hamza says:

    I am not sure about the useless argument here. What is the issue with someone wanting to wear a nicely pressed suit and a tie. And equally, what is the issue and the hulla gulla over an issue if someone really wants to wear Kameez Shalwar. Some people really look wonderful in this dress; others don’t.

  2. Shariq says:

    To me, looking professional from appearance is very important at work. As I m living abroad, my experience says people usually wear the dress related to culture and it reflects with the businesses serving direct clients. I have seen people with beard in almost 5-6 countries in the world doing client services.
    All banks in Pakistan should concentrate more on providing services than on implementing dress codes. They should improve their customer services than other things. I remember, once I sent email to some senior officials of HBL & NBP in Us but there is no response yet. While, I sent similar emails to TD Canada and NIB USA and I got reply with ing 24 hrs.
    We are talking about a bank where people stays in queue for 3 hours to pay there bills and comparing with the banks of US, Canada and UK. They must be kidding
    HBL is loosing clients because they are facing more competition from Standard Chartered, HSBC and CITI banks and they are not able to provide services like them, not because of employees wearing shalwar kameez and having beard.