Posted on June 26, 2006
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58 responses to “Wasi Zafar: No, Minister!”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    ….not only broke loose with the foulest words possible in the Punjabi language but …

    I cannot imagine what words he could have used in Punjabi?

    Too many come to mind !

    Seriously, this man should get a restraining order, should travel in cargo hold and a Court’s “permission” to speak.

  2. Tariq Amin sheikh says:

    Wasi Zafar is great cancer specialist and has done a lot for promotion of cancer prevention.Who so ever makes nasty comments about him would get squashed by his son Umair And his nephew arshad.He has mashallah kept such a good health by playing Badminton and Golf.

  3. Mohammad Anar says:

    This type of democracy is clearly an evil. Mainly it is a source of fulfilling needs (money and power) of a selected class.

    We should have a better, simpler and cheaper type of democracy.

    Mohammad Anar