Posted on July 1, 2006
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30 responses to “Nominate: Best Pakistani Food Outside Pakistan”

  1. Anam says:

    In chicago, you can find the best paratha rolls at Tahoora, best nehari at sabri nehari, best barbecue at Khan bbq and best pakistani chinese at Usmania Chinese.

  2. Folks, we have an update to this post (here). May we please ask that all further suggestions and comments be posted there. Thanks.

  3. Yousaf says:

    Well , just for the info sake , I couldnt find a Single Paki resturant in Kentucky , now i am trying to find one in Memphis , TN , any ideas Gurus ? last time i tried Nihari was with Savoy houston Tx , and it was Alright , but could Never Forget the Legendry Nihari of Lahore which is “HAJI NiHari” AKA “DENAA Nihari” located “Lohari Gate” (in case if you would like to refresh your memory about ancient gates of lahore then this link could do the rest  , As far as Siri paya’s are concerned , Hats Off for USTAD PHAAJJAA Lahore . There is no compitition . :) simply NO .. could’nt find any thing even close to him .. whay you guys think ??

  4. bhitai says:

    I don’t know about the best, but arguably the dirtiest one is Shalimar in San Francisco. This place is an enigma for those who think the US has some kind of health regulations. Not that I care anyway, but if there’s any outbreak of a deadly disease ever traced to this particular location, I will be least surprised. Having said this, I am a huge fan of pretty much every non-veg dish on their menu. The hermanos and amigos there do a terrific job.

  5. Zain Imran says:

    I think Kabob Palace in Arlington, Virginia is a good place to eat. You should definately check it out if you are in the DC area.