Posted on July 6, 2006
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13 responses to “Imran Khan-Ever the Lone Ranger”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Fawad,

    Imran, as a new-comer in Politics, has sufficiently
    grasped what are these political parties around him,
    or what are those “corrupt ideologies”!! and what
    happened to that “Roti Kapra aur Makan” sort of
    illusions and cheatings. He must look for alliances
    solid, sound with a genuine structural Democracy,
    the ideal is JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI an excellent example
    of current exigences of “availability “. But Imran
    should first,understand by studying The Jamaat, not
    paying any attention to all other syasi
    “Chapparqanatiays” ( introducing a new term)

  2. jyoti says:

    @Jay. I think India has become strong economically beacuse of its democracy. Despite horrible levels of corruption in politics. I also belive that a nation’s progress depends on its leaders. Rajeev Gandhi brought the computer revolution in India and Sonia Gandhi brought back honesty and integrity in Indian politics. Presently, we have a scientist-president, a PM who ealrier had been Finance Minister and a leader of the biggest party, Congress who believes in respecting leaders of oppostion. We have a crop of young politicians like Sachin Pilot(26) and Rahul Gandhiwho have a positive outlook and are dedicated to their nation.There are many others like them.
    I believe that it’s also the duty of common people to do whatever they can do, in whatever way, to work for their country. If you could see the latest two Hindi movies that have been biggest hits among the young geneartion in India, you’ll find that they are related to freedom fighters. “Rang De Basanti” and “Lage Raho Munnabhai”.Both the movies remind us our duty to our nation.I think that the makers of these movies have done their duty to the nation by doing what they do best.
    Maybe, we suffer when we leave everything to politicians forgetting that we the people are real creators of our nation.

  3. Jay says:

    Nuzhat I am 27 and have only been in Pakistan for the last 4 years..I dont know what happened under Zia.
    I only know about my experience here in Pakistan; I started a software company and I have had to deal with a lot of paying of bribes (i hate doing that by the way)…I wonder if I did this business 10 years ago would it have even been possible to start such a business in PK. I figure its better to pay a bribe then not be able to start anything at all.
    Ya its gonna be tough no matter who is in charge whether Imran Khan or Musharaf or Benezir or Sharif. I doubt anyone else has a chance at the top spot.
    I think Imran Khan is a guy who is not stupid he must know what he is doing if he refuses to be Musharafs puppet. I really think he will not pop his headup to much in the near future but maybe later he will find a way to take charge and change things for the better.
    You are right about the whole accountability. Unfortunatly the military is simply not accountable no anyone; even themselves.
    Yes we do have lots of scandals going on….but at least things look like they are getting better.
    For example the PK Steel Mill is not going to be given away at scrap price if the Supreme Court has anything to do with it.
    Lets do our part to improve PK…and the hell with these politicians.