Posted on July 8, 2006
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78 responses to “Translation: Rediscovering Bulleh Shah”

  1. Dr Mohan Virick says:

    To me Bulla Sahah is like a grandfather ,I have always loved him and his poetry.
    I told once to my Canadian friend about him and he wondered how a Sikh man could have a Muslim grandfather
    I told him this is how things are

  2. Rosheen Ali says:

    Bulleh Shah is one poet that remains timeless. His message of humanity over caste, faith and other divisions still inspires people all over the world. Poetry of Bulleh Shah has been sung by so many artists, from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Atif Aslam, from Abida Parveen to Rabbi Shergill. Below is selection of the 20 very best of the best track based on Bulleh Shah’s verses. bulleh-shah-songs-ever.html

  3. EeeJay says:

    Hey – recently I was looking for translations for this kalaam and I came across one REALLY BAD one ( trust me, it was BAD)

    One of the things I learnt while doing Urdu->English translations was that the meaning should be conveyed without the elegance being lost and this translation that you provided is REALLY beautiful! Every verse stands out and makes an impact, like the original….

    This o