Posted on July 12, 2006
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4 responses to “Picture of the Day: Neglect”

  1. Aamer says:

    thats so nice idea and i am very thanxs full to all of you my name is Aamer and i like all pakistanies (well come)pakistan bye behappy raho aap sab

  2. […] I do wonder whether the ’sacrifice’ we are making by parting with these large sums could be better spent on more worthy causes (Earthquake rehabilitation, maybe). After all, these enterprises (commercial and other) are buying these animals for less, charging us more, and using the rest as profit/surplus for something else. At what point, I wonder, does the spirit of ’sacrifice’ become secondary to bragging rights of nabbing the best-looking bakra and watching its slaughter live over the Internet! […]

  3. fizza says:

    Pakistan suffered an unforgettable tragedy but I have recently been there and lots of people are making money because of this tragedy. This was my view and the most “in” thing is to make N.G.Os and leave their own jobs and start running these organisations with their own personal motives behind it.
    It was sad to see what happened in mumbai however the spirit of the people were commendable

  4. Khalid_s says:

    The picture, the topics, the words are so powerful here that I do not know where to begin comment. This picture is haunting. Let us please not forget. And let us not let anyone else forget the work that still needs to be done. And thanx for bringing up the Mumbai bombings. We should condenm it publically and strongly. We must stand in solidarity against all violence and against everyones violence. Otherwise no one will stand with us when bad things happen to us.