Posted on July 16, 2006
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10 responses to “Guest Post: Astola Island”

  1. sammer Sultan says:

    Did you charter a helicopter to get there?

  2. Meengla says:

    Google Earth Coordinates:
    25 07 07.57″ N, 63 49′ 46.87″ E

    May be for the location of Kali Devi temple?

    Anyway, a fascinating article. Much thanks to Mr. Shirazi.

  3. Nazia Baloch says:

    The article is informative. I would like to add some more info, Astola island is internationally recognized wetland. As Pakistan is signatory of Ramsar convention, an international treaty to protect fragile ecosystems especially the habitat of water Fowl. Pakistan is bound to protect its unique fauna and flora of this site.

  4. faisal khan says:

    keep it up.its good for all.its good and nature friendly.

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    I’ve found Astola Island in a map of Balochistan. It is shown above the words ‘arabian sea’ in the following link: