Posted on August 18, 2006
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22 responses to “Katrina in Karachi: Aye roshniyouN kay shehr”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    But it is The News (19 August, 2006) that hits it on the head by pointing out, quite simply, that the death, destruction and mayhem is not just unfortunate, it “borders on the criminal.”

    And this is Exhibit #1.

    The city centric self-acclaimed “educated” of Pakistan think only in terms of 3 jinns.

    Just read this and other columns from the lens of the weak. When it happens in cities, it is labeled as “criminal”. When it happens in the country, it is blamed on “god” (yes, with a small ‘g’).

    The plane went down and there were all sorts of technical reasons to be discussed. And the monsoon rains came, thousands were killed (yes, criminal misconduct killed them) and “god” was to be blamed. Earthquake is a surprise. Tsunami has no warning. But monsoon rains come on a schedule. Yes, this much water cannot be stopped. But these many people should not have died.

    And mind you, these blogs are generally sensitive towards the weak. There are many good folks here. But in my books, they do not have enough empathy; they do not care enough for the weak.

    This is a bridge too far that needs to be narrowed.

  2. Mariam says:

    There is excellent pictorial coverage of  wet Karachi atKMB.