Posted on August 20, 2006
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13 responses to “Giving every child a laptop”

  1. syed zair abbas zaidi says:

    i really inspired to hear that western have some feeling about us i really want to see does it implemented in pakistan soon

  2. Franz says:

    I hope my previous post didn’t come off as condescending or dismissive of the idea. I like to be proved wrong…to push a little in order to get a good push back. I’m beginning to waver a little since I’ve been thinking about this for the past 24 hrs.. the OLPC site makes a point of ‘taking the fat’ out of machines that have become chalked full of redundancy–‘2/3 of the software is just to support the other 1/3’.

    The pencil analogy might be a little trite, but maybe we shouldn’t get so hung up on whether it’s one laptop per child or one for ten. Taking the price down by a factor of ten is a tremendous improvement, and even more important maybe is that the project is CATALYZING DISCUSSION AND DEBATE that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

  3. iFaqeer says:

    I dunno; Bilal, how would your life be? My conscience is clear :D..