Posted on August 29, 2006
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18 responses to “No confidence motion fails…”

  1. […] The two videos attached below – one of a student speaking at a student convention presided over by Gen. Pervez Musharraf and the second of an MNA speaking in the National Assembly during the no-trust motion against Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz – have recently been floating around over email on Pakistani lists. […]

  2. nurved says:

    Guys that is some definition of Democracy you got there, sorry but if you really think that this is democracy I hope west does not follow its example. It is a example already of how to put a failed show. What else is expected of a dictator of legitimized his take over throug a refrendum in which only 10% of total Pakistanis voted rest of 90% by election comission. I dont see a single politician in the goverment benches that did not had corruption charges agains them, Mushi blackmailed em . May be this is the iron of this country we created Intelligence Agencies to counter external and internal threats instead they are prologing rules of dictators if only they would have been doing there job, sighhhhh.

    Greymatter, to lead a nation in the right direction much more is required then just a brain that has lot of grey matter but heart has no feel of pain for countrymen, all he did made money out of every single scam and scandle. I think he already have got a social security number.

  3. mansoor says:

    Another thing which this process highlighted.. was the fact that opposition to the govt. *is* now possible.. what is a bigger evidence of democracy than the fact that they let you talk against them and even go public against them.

    Long Live Mush n the current govt. Atleast things are moving in the right direction!