Posted on September 19, 2006
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34 responses to “ATP Poll: Grading Gen. Musharraf – A Performance Review”

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  2. PatExpat says:

    By the way, we don’t need US bombs to take us back to stone age. KESC and WAPDA can do the same job – thank you very much. Meanwhile the PM is busy calling him in USA sucking up to him while the whole of the country is in total darkness.

    This is called economic progress.

  3. Adil Najam says:

    Just to give another update, as of now, a total of 177 votes have been cast (We plan to close the Poll on Monday morning, US Eastern Time, and to post consolidated results, and GPA, later):

    A+(16); A(9); A-(6)
    B+(15); B(10); B-(6)
    C+(17); C(10); C-(7)
    D+(5); D(11); D-(9)

    A+(34); A(23); A-(20)
    B+(23); B(25); B-(8)
    C+(11); C (4); C-(1)
    D+(2); D(2); D-(2)

    A+(16); A(8); A-(15)
    B+(21); B(12); B-(12)
    C+(7); C(13); C-(5)
    D+(11); D(9); D-(9)

    A+(45); A(28); A-(16)
    B+(15); B(15); B-(4)
    C+(9); C(3); C-(3)
    D+(2); D(1); D-(3)

  4. N.Z. says:

    No matter how you grade him, this visit to the US is Musharraf’s biggest test of foriegn policy. He has to convince a jittery US that he is still with them, and he has to simultaneously convince a jittery Pakistan that his first interest is Pakistan. Tightrope walking.