Posted on September 25, 2006
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7 responses to “Picture of the Day: Andhair Nagri”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    I have felt a feeling of guilt all day today for having focussed on the ‘coup’ rumors that were triggered by the national power breakdown instead of directing focus on what that breakdown meant for ordinary Pakistanis; why it happened, and what should now be done? The journalistic instinct to pounce on the sensational got the better of me. I apologize.

    OK, this apology of the 25th day of September in the year 2006 is accepted in the year 2010 on the same date. Now, please do not engage in rumors again. Or will you in do it again in September of 2010? (This sounds more like a ‘back to the future’ rendezvous. Which year am I in? What happened to the flux capacitor? I need 1.21 “jigawatts” of energy!)

    As for the power mismanagement. The real gigawatts.

    So, shall we find our favorite scape goats (ohhh, these goats; please someone do something about them) and blame the uneducated of Pakistan for this too?

    After all, it should be safe to assume that they designed the grid, they designed how to pilfer and steal, they designed the inefficient industrial usage. And last but not the least, they must have responsible for not constructing hundreds of small dams and power generation facilities.

    Pakistan’s rivers and waterways are so natural for small dams and power centers and this simple concept has been lost on these uneducated (did I get this right?) that we should blame them again and again for problems of Pakistan.

    Yep, the so called ‘educated’ blaming the uneducated for all the ills of Pakistan?

    Or should this be the other way around?

    (I don’t know why, nothing makes sense to me in this blog of mine? Maybe because it is a slow Saturday?)

  2. i thing the goverment are sleeping a good sleep bt they dnt care abt us because we cnt even study properly so how can we live like this. it seems that they have made a deal with the optical companies to not to supply electricity so that ppl will study in low light and weak their eye sights so that it may be a huge profit to those