Posted on September 30, 2006
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46 responses to “Picture of the Day: Khalsa Dawakhana”

  1. samir sardana says:

    Y did Tegh Bahdaur say to Aurangzeb that he was a Hindoo ?

    Tin te sun Siri Tegh Bahadur
    Dharam nibaahan bikhe Bahadur Uttar bhaniyo, dharam hum Hindu
    Atipriya ko kin karen nikandu Lok parlok ubhaya sukhani
    Aan napahant yahi samani Mat mileen murakh mat loi
    Ise tayage pramar soi Hindu dharam rakhe jag mahin
    Tumre kare bin se it nahin

    – Guru Tegh Bahadur’s reply to Aurangzeb’s ordering him to embrace Islam.

    (In response, Shri Tegh Bahadur says, My religion is Hindu and how can I abandon what is so dear to me? This religion helps you in this world and that, and only a fool would abandon it. God himself is the protector of this religion and no one can destroy it.)

    Did he say that he was a Dindoo Hindoo ? Nanak never said so ! So then Y Tegh Bahadur ? When Gobind Singh destroyed idols,temples and kings who prayed to idols – why did Tegh Bahadur stand up for the Brahmin/Bania Filth ?

    That is the question !

    Did Tegh Bahadur not know that Brahmins would his last words to build the thesis that Sikhs are Hindoos – and so it is in the Indian Constitution

    Sample the deeds of Gobind Singh

    ਮਨਮ ਕ੝ਸ਼ਤਨਮ ਕੋਹੀਯਾਂ ਬ੝ਤ ਪਰਸਤ ॥

    ਕਿ ਓ ਬ੝ਤ ਪਰਸਤੰਦ੝ ਮਨ ਬ੝ਤ ਸ਼ਿਕਸਤ ॥95॥

    I have killed the hill Rajas (kings) who were bent on mischief. They were stone idol worshippers, I am the breaker of idols and I worship the one Lord (Zaffarnama, Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

    Sample the “Granth Sahib” on the “Dindoo Idol Worshuppers”


    FIRST MEHL: The Hindus have forgotten the Primal Lord; they are going the wrong way.As Naarad instructed them, they worship idols. They are “blind and mute, the blindest of the blind”. The “ignorant fools” pick up stones and worship them. But when those stones themselves sink, how will they carry you across ?