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Posted on October 6, 2006
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Owais Mughal

I am a strong believer in the saying that a photo is equal to thousand words. Over the past 2 weeks I saw following 4 photos in Dawn which I want to share. They all amused me or affected me in a different way. I would love to hear your opinion on these.

(1) Policism. The photo shows journalists of Lahore Press Club demonstrating infront of Punjab provincial assembly against police excesses. The first banner from the right reads ‘Police gardi na manzoor’ (Policism not acceptable). This is the first time I’ve read or heard the word ‘police gardi’. Some one is very creative in Press club to invent this word. I was amused.

(2) In this photo supporters of Nawaz Sharif are seen protesting infront of a bookstore which was selling President Musharraf’s book. I am neutral on this issue but what caught my attention were the two placards. One is the English placard in the back which reads ‘Musharraf lies like a Gas Meter’. I thought the connection between lies and gas meter is quite funny. Second is the front poster with Nawaz Sharif’s photo on it. It has a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song lines written on it ‘aaja tenooN akhiaaN uDeek diyaN’ (Come back, our eyes are looking for you). I thought this was very funny too.

(3) An Accommodating Conveyance: Following photo is from a Islamabad Road and it shows a motorcycle with pillion rider. The photo is self explanatory and shows how accommodating a motorcycle can be.

(4) When dead get flooded – A Civic Failure in Hyderabad. This photo shows stagnant water in a graveyard in Hyderabad. The last rains in Hyderabad occured two weeks ago but rain water has still not been drained out of the city. A person is seen here offering prayers at a grave marked with stones and still burried under few inches of water.

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  1. Yahya says:

    [quote comment=”3890″]
    I am well aware about racism found in different provices of Pakistan. Come in the ground and face the heat rather sitting in an arab state and making statments.[/quote]

    Actually the fact that our national language is Urdu and not Punjabi is a testament to Punjabi tolerance and to their ability to see above racial/ethnic affiliation. I don’t recall persecution of any racial group in Punjab unlike the brutal killing by MQM of pretty much every racial group there is. Some even hit back but not Punjabis.

    A few protesters here and there do not represent Punjabis in any large numbers. Do not confuse Punjabi laid back attitude with their support for Nawaz or any Government or Musharraf or for anyone else for that matter. They were laid back even when Punjabis were being killed by MQM in Karachi.

    Having said that, I do like the current policies of MQM as being the only party which demands equality for all. Even if it is in response to the current world climate, it is commendable. Other parties should take heed and update their manifestos asap.

    Everything that happened in the past should by left in the past putting down to collective experience. Starting afresh we should avoid these mistakes (of the past).

  2. Owias oh well replied.

    Lets not forget that most of major disasters in Pakistani politics were NOT due to MQM anyway, for instance 1971 war.

    Atleast we urdu speaking people do condemn MQM’s policies unlike people in Punjab and Sindh who are still desprate for Nawaz and Bibi and still support them despite knowing their cunning acitivites against Pakistan. See the image above,it does reflect like that.

  3. sorry owais ‘you’ was not used here as pointing out to some single person here. My language might created misundertanding but I was definately including myself as well that we dont see our own sins and get ready to point out others sins and consider them responsible for evils of our society.

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    Guys. keep the discussion on issues and not on eachother. Avoiding the use of word ‘you’ and avoiding naming eachother in replies helps. As far as discussing political parties are concerned, many of them have been labelled from unpatriotic to patriotic over time. Just until 20 years ago ANP was considered the most unpatriotic and anti-pak party but then everyone saw it joing PML government in center and NWFP and now they are mainstream. Hameeda Khoro in Sindh was once associated with Jiyay Sindh but she is now mainstream. MQM may have made a lot of mistakes in the past too but if they are trying to reach out on a national level, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. They deserve a chance. Raja Basharat’s is no angel either. His party is famous for turning loyalties overnight. When Manzoor Watto was CM, and Nawaz Sharif’s second govt was dismissed, 274 MPA’s of his party changed loyalties within 24 hours,which is the height of lota-cracy. Therefore when ‘hamaam meiN sab nuNgay hoN’ then one should not take sides. Raja Basharat’s claim may have some truth in it (I don’t know for sure) but then it can be argued that he is panicked b/c of newcomers in his backyard who may take his votes away. conclusion: Lets not be so judgemental. in politics, situation and labels of patriotism change very fast. 

  5. [quote post=”340″]One should have the courage to be able to criticize one’s own country[/quote]


    [quote post=”340″]DO you wish to be the kind of patriot who wants to bury his head in the sand and claim that everything is hunky dory in the world outside[/quote]

    Sabahat Zakariya I am against Generalisation which normally made by people of Pakistan. I am actually not like those ignorants who believe that every evil act in Pakistan is either produced by Mullahs or then some party [for Instance MQM here], ignoring evils like PPP,JSQM, Nawaz league, chaduhary league, kher etc etc. By giving such statements really doesnt cure the evils of our society. LOok at yourself first, what are you? The day you realised the evils of yourself then you wouldn’t just blame others blindly just by reading something. Being a Karachiite, I personally know few people who were/art part of same MQM and still serving people of their areas. One recently lost his life in I Block of North Nazimabad when helping a girl who was attacked by mobile snatchers. The guy put his kid aside and jumped in the middle. He was fired right on his heart and he died and left a widow and a 2 year old kid behind.

    I have no inrest with MQM but when I myself aware of such stories then I really didnt take that news seriously by Raja Basharat when I am well aware about racism found in different provices of Pakistan. Come in the ground and face the heat rather sitting in an arab state and making statments.

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