Posted on October 10, 2006
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24 responses to “Time to talk about Eid Cards”

  1. abdul basit says:

    I want old eid greeting card. From where I can buy the same?

  2. Ajmal Tariq says:

    I’ve heard that Pakistan Post recently launched a website where anyone can send greeting card anywhere inside Pakistan for free of charge. I tried to send a card to myself and Its work.

    Here’s link ti their site.

  3. I couldn’t even imagine getting a greeting card from a politicain in today’s environment. Although I love getting cards…I would not go that far!

  4. Erfan Ilyas says:

    I never thought that someone will write this brief about the Eid Cards culture in Pakistan.
    I am working as a project manager in a software house Named “invokers”.

    This year I presented this a website from where anybody can send Eid cards to all over Pakistan.

    So the website came into existence. We named it Cards for Eid.

    website address:
    The basic ideas was to enable overseas Pakistan to be able to send real paper Eid wishing card to their loved ones.

    I will be very thankful to anybody who can speak the word out.
    Also please do send me an email, I would love to give out 50% discount coupon code.

    Don’t forget to mention this post in the email.