Posted on October 17, 2006
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34 responses to “7′ 2″ Woman Too Tall for Pakistan?”


  2. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    Life surely is sometimes hell for women in Pakistan. But I wonder how that woman would live off

  3. gal: says:

    hey zainab,dont wrry,ppl r meant to say stuff wdout thnkng mostly! I can feel wat u r suffrng through, hang in dere n giv ur bst shot! I knw paki ppl dnt appriciate gud stuff until its eradicated! I too suffr wat u r,i dnt hav much hyt still…wateva stands out in crowd,faces prblm….Gosh!its so difficult 2 b a paki woman bt….b yourslf,dnt lose hope n congratulatns 4m me 4 gttng dat tallest woman title! Im proud ov u! U 2 shud b!

  4. umer says:

    Hello guys , wel everybody talk abt zainab and the aurangzaib khan but i want to tell abt myself that i m the tallest man in the world i m exactely 8 feet and 5 inches tall. and Now i m claiming as a tallest man in guiness book of world record. So don’t say abt others . now i m here for my better future and the status.