Posted on November 2, 2006
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33 responses to “The Cost of Living: Of Milk and being a Lakh-Patti

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Our educated chattering classes …. spend their time pontificating about global geopolitics, the power politics of our would-be-saviors (both those in power and those waiting to come back to power), the intricacies of conspiracy theories about ‘hidden hands’ and not-so-hidden motives, and trying to read the ‘real’ story ‘between lines’ even as they ignore the stark realities of the lines themselves. Of course, for others there is always the option to belch out slogans reeking of pious religosity or self-righteous modernity.

    So, now we have a good definition of the “gitter-mitter” crowd!

  2. Adil says:

    i am stunned to know this facts , although the denomination of the highest currency note as compared to the average vage of a pakistani teacher or labour or anyone really gives a horrible ppl
    well they say the economy is on boom !!!!!!!!! i dont know what that means
    does it mean that thinking of money for daily utilities is so big for an average pakistani is a booming idea, and his mind goes boom like thats just an impossible task
    May God help us and wake us to our concious so we can realize what we are supporting , and who we are supporting
    and what we are doing to the poor of pakistan by not doing or even saying anything , not asking for change and going towards positive
    i m speechless now
    Adil Umer, UK