Posted on November 5, 2006
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17 responses to “WAF 25th Anniversary Today”

  1. Afroze says:

    Wonderful article. These are the true heroes of Pakistan, who have kept the idea of freedom alive even during the terrible Zia years.

  2. Ghalib says:

    Zia was brutal!but thats wat dictators are for.i lived those years in pindi and teh army fervor!being a son of a naval officer i just wanted to be a soldier but became a i grew older i heard my father saying” there wasnt a single corruption charge agianst bhutto”and tht did it so i read the book “if i am assasinated”by bhuuto while he was in jail.and tht turned me what eva crap i read in the pakstudies of that time abt the most progressive politician we had.its sad what ever we have pride in today he did it!and what did army gave us? Taliban,the false impression that russians wana taste hot waters of the arabian? God but ppl bought that story!Hadood though right but given by a person that had no credibilty was rong!ill juss name some army achievements 1971(post ayub-yahya policy) the afghan policy,MQM to crush PPP in Sind and karachi(i aint a PPP supporter!)the feudalism,to make industrialists politicias(nawaz and shujaats) feudals like the jamalis)an u can see MUSH has whom in his boat:) same ppl bhutto wana crush!thou himself a feudal!he had problems but trust me he had a vision!thats y he has following till today and from whom? the repressed!now on the woman issue!i am for female equality not even islam rebuked them but i have my reseravtions.i agere with the comments abt WAF’s contribution are mere protests and 5 star hotel seminars but in reality they dont know any thing abt the main stream woman problems?the first is education i have heard from any one askin for women university or wmoen colleges all i hear is eqiual rights? the one i guess who speak of em are i guess ignorant of the fact that they have the rights but they dont know it and wat can eliminate it is EDUCATION not a seminar abt SEWING MACHINE duistribution and makin headlines the clothes the cars these women travel wat they eatand wat they drink???? yes mineral water and the women they wana help dun even have water! they are all outta stream!they have their own politics!and its a drama they they do juss like Zia did by calling Jihad against some one tht never came in our country!if WAF APWA Asma jahangir wana help the women they can without being batton charged goto villages educate women give them money the same money tht u spend on 5 star hotel seminars!think abt it!we have full stomachs think abt them who crave fer food!fer shelter!breakl the norms give rights tht women need they need education not the slogan tht “we aint gona observe pardah” thts even not an issue!women rights fer these kind of NGOs is a golden plate and acquire money and distribute 5% to sewing machines and 80% seminars where not a single effectie is presnt the ones are the ones tht are doomed to get sewing machinees!WAF has aliented and took women freedom away from them they dint help[ they made the problem worse!