Posted on November 13, 2006
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15 responses to “Chillianwala Chase”

  1. major [r] tasawargujar says:

    HI/every body ,i m tasawar ,now a days working with a bank . I belong to chillianwala forfather also partecipated in this war.sardar sarfaraz was in the cabnit of sardar Gulab sing .The people this area belong to marshel race,for u r interest i may share u that this is general area were battle was fought between alexender the great and raja pooras.U r welcome if u r interested about chillianwala,thanks.

  2. Ranpreet Singh Bal says:

    Thanks, Shirazi Sahib for providing this historical information. It is wonderful.

  3. Ch Shahzad Ashraf Chillianwala says:

    Hi every body
    my name is shahzad and I live in Chillianwala since long
    this village is famous due to battle between English and Sikh
    rulers there is historical monoment and graveyard many other thing to see if any body want to visit just contact me on my email I will arrange the tour

  4. Ch Shahzad Ashraf Chw says:

    Challianwala is a village of great people it is aheaven on earth

  5. waqar & waqas langrial like this says:

    need some more information on this