Posted on November 16, 2006
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78 responses to “The Politics of the Women Rights Bill”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    It is quite clear, however, that Gen. Pervez Musharraf views this bill as a major achievement and something that he wants to be remembered by. He appeared on national television soon after the passage of the bill.

    … improve the state of womens’ rights in Pakistan and does not end up as mere political lip-service.

    So, once again, joined at the hip, the self-proclaimed religious nuts (deen-dar) and the self-proclaimed fake liberals (dunyia-dar) have managed to make matters worse for women.

    If the evil usurper destroyed the sense of Qur’an and the laws, the enlightened usurper destroyed the sense of common laws.

    Both in their own ways claimed heroic and historic efforts.

    Well, the evil usurper made rape of a woman punishable on woman; the enlightened usurper added the provisions of allegations by a former spouse (almost always a man) accuse his former spouse (almost always a woman) of relationship outside that of marriage can be dragged into a court.

    Astonishing! Bewildering! Confounding!

    Read it for yourself. And I have written about it here, here, and here. (OK, Google it.)

    So, here we go again, these two fake, fraud and phony, smash the people in the middle. Both earn their protection, reward their supplicants and spend their time in merriment.

    One shuts them out in ‘his’ masjid. The other does not want them to speak out in their “policy meetings”.

    And those, who do not bow at the altar of their nonsense, and want to tell them they are wrong, are called “ranters”.

    Well, I will rant.

    I will rave.

    Call me a man possessed, but I am going to call it out again and again, because this “gitter-mitter” crowd does not know which side is up!

    And someone has to rant, again and again.

    Yes, you will be ratted out for wrongs.

    Rant with the soapbox!
    Rave with the ballot box!
    Rescue the jury box!

  2. soomro says:

    i dont know why governments want to regulate personal morals of people.