Posted on November 18, 2006
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70 responses to “Will the MMA Resign? And, If So, Then What?”

  1. Arifa says:

    Since these maulvis do not like Jinnah nor the country he created, maybe they should consider leaving it. No?

  2. […] I am left rather speechless. So, here is the news item from Daily Times (February 9, 2007) that reports on the matter: The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) will celebrate 2007 by paying tribute to the heroes who played an important role in the independence of Pakistan ignoring Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions, JUI officials told Daily Times on Thursday. They said that the party would hold conventions in Peshawar and other cities of the NWFP in March to highlight the services of ‘real freedom fighters’. […]

  3. MQ says:

    Folks, remember how the mullahs of the MMA were threatening to resign from the assemblies if the so-called Women’s Protection Bill was passed? And when the bill was passed the mullah in the orange turban said in press statements and on TV talk shows, several times, that they had made a khattami faisla (not hattami but khattami) to quit the assemblies.

    Yesterday the same Mullah is quoted in The News as claiming: “that the MMA had foiled a conspiracy of the federal government by not quitting parliament”!

    Well, they may look immobile physically but you cannot beat the mullahs in political agility.

  4. MQ says:


    Anyone who knows the mullahs in Pakistan, and particularly “Mullah Diesel”, could see that they were bluffing. They always do. The only problem is we tend to take them seriously and are afraid to call their bluff. I am glad someone did this time.

  5. sosan says:

    Your prediction was so right about MMA’s resignation.
    I have said it before on a related post that MMA’s threat to resign was an empty bluff. They have been thriving on bluff and bluster for a long time now.

    Today[Thursday]MMA decided that it would delay its decision on resignation.