Picture of the Day: Confrontation

Posted on November 20, 2006
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Adil Najam

Looking at this picture just makes my blood boil (click on picture for a larger view). I do not know the details of the situation, nor who did what or said what or who is at fault or what fault. But the body language and attitude depicted here just has me reeling.

What is being said and how did this end? I would love to find out, but I suspect I know already. Does anyone want to reconstruct how this conversation and confrontation might have gone?

Regular readers know of my fascination with cops, but it seems I am not the only one. Asma who blogs at Metroblog Islamabad as ‘A for Apple’ posted this photograph as part of a bunch of police related photographs from her collection. The picture was reprinted at Online News, is by Ehsan Khan and the original caption is suggestive (although one wonders about the authenticity of the details provided):

A boy speaks [sic] makes a point with a model policeman of Islamabad Traffic Police after violating the traffic rules near Parliament House. The boy eventually made his point with the policeman and was not issued any ticket.

33 responses to “Picture of the Day: Confrontation”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    sorry that was for ‘alibhai’ not for ‘adil najam’. I have become kinda used to write “adilbhai” on this forum. Accept my apology.

  2. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    Adil bhai: First of all , how sure you are that those terrorists would be muslims? did you get some news from FBI or just telling me what you have been reading on media sources like CNN, BBC or FOX. Is there not possibility that some non-muslim or agent pretend to be an Islamist and go for sucide attack OR you think that musharraf is hated by those islamists extreemist only but not by other Pakistanis? do clear this to me.

    Even if this has been taken as security measure then they should blast Hasan Square Apartment because one can fire any short range missile to that area and can destroy anything. After all it’s all about security of VVIPs. You have not suffered but I have just come to home via Lasbela Chorangi route and I know how much traffic there was. What if one of your relative who’s condition is critical and don’t get any route? I tell you one thing tht alternative routes are more difficult than crossing a river of fire.

  3. Samdani says:

    I am with Adnan on this one. Seems ironic, at least, that we will stop AMBULANCES to reduce VIOLENCE. Maybe it depends on WHOSE seccurity is being proteccted?

  4. Yahya says:

    The boy arguing looks quite mean. I suppose he is someone’s putr. The boy on the right seems “shareef admee”.

  5. Yahya says:

    [quote comment=”11046″]adnan, those measures during the event are to prevent suicide attacks by islamist terrorists.[/quote]


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