Posted on November 25, 2006
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14 responses to “ATP and Tangay Walla Khair Mangda

  1. Ayesha says:

    Dr. Najam. Beautiful song. And powerful writeup. Thanks.

  2. Arsalan says:

    hey amazing song absolute classic
    im an urdu speaker but was so enjoying this song
    can you give me the lyrics id like to practice this song

  3. Shahran says:

    Thanks for a great post on Tanga. Being a Karachitie and studying in Adamjee college in my FSc which happened to be located in the garden area where we used to see the old Victoria “as we used to call them”.

    These were limited to commuting between the Garden, Soldier Bazar area and Saddar / Cantt area.

    I do remember my childhood days when it was a fantasy to ride a tanga.We always get fascinated when we pass those victorias.Sometimes we made noises in the car that we want to sit in the victoria and once our request was fulfilled by our parents.

    While our travel to Lucknow, India, I was able to sit on the YAKKA and that was real fun. Everyone was constantly laughing because of the jerks it takes which makes our stomaches move quite a bit causing us to laugh. There used to be a YAKKA stand there I am not sure if they still use that or not.

  4. Samdani says:

    It is really a very soothing song. Nice post also. I hope people actually read and get what you are saying.

    I wish, though, that the picture quality was better cause looks like nice visuals