Posted on December 12, 2006
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24 responses to “Upset, or End of Pakistan Hockey?”

  1. Call Pakistan says:

    A big shame for Pakistan hockey which was once world class. I wish those old days come back soon

  2. sarah says:

    can anyone tell me that what happened to the junior team? why did they changed the team? and espacially wht happened to Muhammed Arif?

  3. Ijaz Chaudhry says:

    Pak hockey needs domestic competitions at regional level on league format.

  4. bhitai says:

    You are right, I think part of it has to do with the lack of recognition of the local players at national level (and a shrinking public sector that could offer them cushy jobs thus allowing more time to play).Most importantly, cricket has been eating away at hockey as our favorite pastime.

    I serisously wish there was a way to set up a fund or something for the endangered sport.
    Btw afaik, Australia plays a blend of asian and european styles. Pakistan’s style normally changes with their coach. I think their current coach is desi, but a few years back they had toyed with the idea of a Dutch coach, and he completely altered their style (plus they had Sohail Abbas at their disposal, so it wasn’t that bad still).