Posted on December 27, 2006
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8 responses to “Celebrating Munir Niazi: Uss Bewafa Ka Shehr

  1. Naveed says:

    Adil, even some of the younger singers have sung Mr. Niazi’s ghazals. Najam Sheraz covered “Un say nain mila kay daiko, yeh dhoka bhee kha kay dayykho”. Since Najam got his education in Lahore, I am not surprised that he did so. Intizar Hussain paying homage to Munir Niazi, mentioned something which rings true as one reads “bay chain buhat phirna” as to how Nasir Kazmi and Munir Niazi have captured emotions in diction which is so unique

  2. Wah adil bhai, thanks for sharing this gem with readers but IMO things like “Mohabbat nahi hogi” and “Ek bewafa k shaher hey” are gems of Niazi sahib. Naseem Begum also has done justice with the ghazal and sung very well and I think noone else could sing it well. Same thing goes with “Ranjish Hee sahe” by Ahmed Faraz which mehdi hasan sahib sung very well. As faraz said himself,”Jis shiddat se meyne ye ghazal likhi, us se zyda shiddat se mehdi sahab ne ye ghazal gaye hey”. What a compliment!

  3. Mariam says:

    Another great author Shaukat Siddiqui left us on December 18. He is famous for his Khuda ki Basti’s dramatization for Pak TV.