Posted on January 13, 2007
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33 responses to “Zarqa Nawaz and ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’”

  1. Kaleem says:

    Reminded me of the show ‘Perfect Strangers’. Which I think was a big success.

  2. Priyana/Fabiha says:

    Hi! I haven’t seen any other sitcoms about Muslims to compare this to… but I love it! It’s hilarious, although the humor kind of went down towards episode 8 but maybe that’s because I was watching all the episodes so far in one day… Also, maybe it’s because I’m from the U.S.(I watch it on youtube) but the community seems MUCH more hateful towards Muslims. I don’t know, I live in L.A. and not straight in downtown (it’s 15 minutes away) but in the valley, and I’d think that stereotypes would be worse down here, but I guess not. Actually, many of my friends are very respectful and interested in my culture and religion.

    Another thing is that the wife and general sitcom mother, who is a convert, seems very uninterested in Islam. She treats Islam like a hassle (and I’m not sure how the dad and mom can even call themselves Muslims if they don’t even pray regularly), in contrast to the converts I know. But it’s realistic for the dad to be that way because he would think like that having to pray and do his Islamic duties growing up when he wanted to do otherwise. Maybe you’d think that converts wouldn’t be as religious because they converted and weren’t born Muslim, but they’re more religious than those who were born Muslims. You’d think that the mom would be more into Islam and that’s why she converted but that’s not the case. It could be possible that the dad forced her into it or something when they married but I don’t think that she would actually stand for that. Overall, the writer didn’t seem to put much thought into the characters and how their roles would be with all the factors in their lives, environment, and community.

  3. rubab says:

    hi there,
    main ne ye parha or khushi hui ke sharati logon ke liye saza ka maqool intizam hy …..wysy agar un ko saza mil hi gayee to wo sharati na huy is saza se bach niklen tab to shararti kaha ja sakta hy………………………………………..