Posted on January 19, 2007
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25 responses to “Chinese Characters on Pakistani Transport”

  1. Fahad Asad says:

    yea! Japanese is so Interesting Language.I like Japanese so much….
    Now i can Read,Write & Speak Japanese very Easily!

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Believe it or not, this morning I saw a car in St Louis, which had used Chinese characters for decoration. Seems like this trend of decoration is catching up in NA too.

  3. mushtaq says:

    Turab my Bro.I understand that you love Japan.Your friend is right about Japan.Just to visit as tourist is one thing,but to do business is another.Business is a very complicated process of life.One cannot do business just because one has money or likings,or Japanese-dream.One has to be very realistic,risk-taking,educated in that particular field,right timing etc. and most of all,the blessing from Allah which we sometimes call Luck etc..There are Pakistani people in Japan like elsewhere,playing with millions even though they can’t sign their names properly and use Hanko(a personal seal)and also there are people educated like me but have to worry for my rent next month.Some people are burned by their own business partners and they lose faith in friendships and become bitter.Sure,Japan is a great country where one can buy automobile parts(used or new).I don’t want to discourage you my brother but I would suggest you to visit Japan,live there,know the people,our brothers in auctions etc.Do you know why the Pakistanis own the whole Japanese used-car industry is because our people buy cheaper,sell at better prices than Japanese dealers,looking for their products all day long,in cold,in heat.In other words,work harder than any other race in Japan.And they love cars.They help their own people and they have a strong community in Niigata and Toyama-ken.I am not in this business and I hate business,one needs commitments like romance(chicks).I am more a less a traveller.I am here today,tomorrow diving The Blue Hole in Belize,in Cozumel,all over Caribbeans,with Mantas in Ishigaki,with shsrks,in Vegas gambling&watching you know what.This is my life.I am a Pakistani,WANTED by the Dozukh-guards,waiting for me with millions of degree fire,Ready to Roll!Ready to Jumpppp!!!Wish you good luck.

  4. mushtaq says:

    Shukria Mugal Bhai,you are welcome.It was my pleasure to share some of my Japanese,Chinese knowkedge with my Brothers and Sisters which I learn in Japanese University few years ago.It is fun to observe the trucks,buses,vans,taxis,cars,camels,horses,donkeys  ,bicycles etc. in Pakistan.How beautifully our people decorate these things,even we are poor.Watch,how Ushtad Sahib(the truck or bus driver)with his hand on his Mutch(mustache)jumps out of his seat,walks like a lion for his cup of tea.It is a culture created by our people,only found in Pakistan as far as I have travelled.Some people say our culture is same as Indians.I disagree.Not only we look different,we are completely different in so many things.I have travelled and lived in different parts of India and I know them very well.I am not against them ‘cos some of my best buddies are from India.We are just too different.We should be proud of our people,the sense of humor and artist inspirations our people have.Even a donkey cart in Karachi is so beautifully decorated,oh my Allah.One can tell all the hobbies,the mind of that particular Ustad Ji(the driver).The stickers are parts of that decoration of art and what an extra fun for people like us who read Chinese characters.Long Live Our People and Pakistan.

  5. TURAB says:

    mushtaq, i don’t live in pakistan either !

    I am interested to start some car parts business which would require me to travel to japan and setup things there…. and my best frd went to japan recently and he said words are not enough to describe the place…

    so i guess my ever so long fascination of japan is increasing day by day…