Posted on January 23, 2007
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18 responses to “ATP Quiz: Yes, it is Abdul Sattar Edhi”

  1. Altaf says:

    He’s bigger than Nobel Prize. If they don’t give him Nobel Prize the prize giving authority’s judgment mechanism is questionnable. He’s got all the features found common in all the Nobels, i.e larger than life level of achievement (the guy holds more than one Guiness records for crying out loud), history making, reshaping/redefining the discipline of his work, etc. What else do you want? O yes, perhaps Gori chamrri or not belonging to the blacklisted religion perhaps would’ve given him a Nobel longbtime ago. Well let’s see, there is a limit to discrimination…other religious fundamentalists (not belonging to the blacklisted religion) have also gotten Nobel on their work similar to that of edhi. So should he.

  2. PakSpeaker says:

    if any body in the world have done this much effort, they have designated him a nobel price. He deserve that ..We love you

  3. basit says:

    dis peson has a very cool personality….nd i love da profession of dis guy…