Posted on February 5, 2007
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36 responses to “Land Reform: Time for Feudalism to go”

  1. Dr. Anees Ur Rehman says:

    Feudalism job required being descended of late fief Sir Sardar Khan of Shadiwal feudal, Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan. By profession i am a doctor but by alas I am disabled diseased person, educated in Army situation. I was punished in Army in 1983-6 AD during study time in Army Burn Hall School while being childhood. Due to punishment I got brain trauma and development of sickness occurs. Dear Sir help to look for work opportunity in mentioned feudal (Shadiwal). I have an idea of one work being onsite PunjabI interpreter in Medical field both inside and outside country. Please reply me as soon as possible. I will be greatly thankful to you at your earliest convenience.
    Dr. Anees Ur Rehman,
    Mohalla Kalra Kalan, Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan, 50700.
    Photo ID: 34201-3478658-1
    Mobile phone: 03006457360