Shoaib Akhtar Unplugged: Of Song, Dope and Racism

Posted on February 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

Shoaib Akhtar is in the news again.

There is the news about him failing to show up for the Pakistan team’s dope test. This, of course, coming so soon after Shoaib’s earlier dope debacle raises serious concerns. Even more serious are the allegations he has made on the team coach – and since denied by Woolmer – about racist remarks.

None of this is to be taken lightly. But right now I am just not in the mood for heavy writing. So I will leave discussions on this to our readers. Let me share with you instead this video clip I found on YouTube. It turns out its fairly old and has done the email and web rounds already. However, I had not seen it before and I assume there may be others like me out there.

So, enjoy. Here is Shoaib Akhtar unplugged. Singing Kishore songs, smoking, laughing his heart out, and taking friends on a tour of his ancestral village.

I have no idea about the context of this video; if anyone knows, please share.

30 responses to “Shoaib Akhtar Unplugged: Of Song, Dope and Racism”

  1. shaham says:

    HAAN beta ganne ee gaata reh , tu khelna chud de…

  2. Shaham says:

    if u want urself to get up with patriotic emotions ,see it.

  3. Sani Rajput says:

    Awesome song man….. Shoaib really rocks…. A dear and close friend. Dun get involved in his personal life Mr.Wirter just get involve in his proffessional life in his game. See whenever he plays what he is doing? Playing good or not. Please why don’t we just do our work? Why don’t we live our lives? Why we are still interfering in others lives?

  4. Zeeshan Ahmad mir says:

    shararte loog koun hain wo jo london say tashreef laya jo london main bathay shartain ker rahay hain jo be hay per saza ka tareeqa to waqay he bara maqool hay jis nay jitna barae sharait ke wo otnay he mazay main hay jasay zardari sahib aur hamaray pyaray qasai means bahi iltaf hussan sahib lakin saza to asal main mile hay shoiab akhtar sahib ko ya tareeqa kuch na maqool sa hay kuon kay aab to in ko kunwara he rehna paray ga jitney izat aap ke hoe hay akhtar sahib shaid shadi kay 10 saal baad be kise shoher ke nahe hote pher be hamare duain aap kay sath hain Allah he hafiz hay aap ka

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