Posted on February 24, 2007
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23 responses to “Hydaspes -> Boucephila -> Jhelum”

  1. Leonie says:

    I came across this article on my search for Alexander the Great. I heard that a Monument was being built for him in Jalalpur and in your article I read about it in Darapur. Is there some confusion or are we talking about 2 different monuments? What is known about this construction? Are there any pictures?
    Please clarify, I will appreciate!


    i have just visited personally jhelum city it is one of the ancient and beautiful city of pak,espicially the cantt areas of the city,and the main thing is the environment and weather is so nice and charming……i realy impress all these things…..

  3. Ibrar says:

    Not quite. Professor Dani is working with european archeologits in modern Jalalpur Sharif (not Jallapur Jattan) with regards to Alexander’s campaign reverence.

    Rai Por (as he was known) didnt belong to Bhera, this is an erroneous reference from a theorising colonial writing rather than accepted fact.