ATP Poll: How Will Pakistan Do in the World Cup?

Posted on March 9, 2007
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Adil Najam

The 2007 Cricket World Cup does not officially begin until Sunday (March 11) when the opening ceremony will be held. And the first match – between Pakistan and hosts West Indies – does not happen till Tuesday, March 13.

However, in many real ways, the World Cup will begin for Pakistan today (Friday, March 9) when Pakistan meets South Africa – who many consider to be the favorites along with Australia – in a warm-up game. Neither side is likely to – or should – take the game lightly; certainly not Pakistan which is so beset with so many problems.

It would be interesting to find out who our readers think is most likely to win the 2007 World Cup. But given that this is ‘All Things Pakistan‘ we are most interested in your views on how Pakistan will do.

Cast your vote. Ask your friends to do so too. And then jump into the comments section to shout out how you think the Pakistan team will fare. Our only request is that when you vote, try to vote analytically rather than emotionally. Remember, the question is not what you WANT, but what you think is MOST LIKELY.

THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED. See results of Poll Here.

25 responses to “ATP Poll: How Will Pakistan Do in the World Cup?”

  1. Khalid R Hasan says:

    Daktar, you have a very good point. It can work both ways – if Pakistan perform below expectations, people will be in a bad mood and quite possibly take it out on the government.

    For an example of what can happen after a sporting defeat, it is generally believed that the Conservative Party narrowly won the 1970 UK General Election only because the highly fancied England football team (and previous winners) had lost to Germany in the World Cup quarter finals just a couple of days before. Harold Wilson’s Labour government took the fall.

  2. Samdani says:

    Could any of the people who have voted that Pakistan will become champion please explain to me why they think Pakistan will win?

  3. Daktar says:

    There are very few things that will distract a good Pakistani from cricket. It seems this Chief Justice drama has. Now, the question is whether we will forget about the Chief Justice when in a coupel of days teh World Cup actually begins. I am betting we will. Maybe the World Cup will save the general!
    Maybe we should have a poll on this!

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  5. Poor Hungry Doc says:

    Always hoping for the best all I can say is Inshallah may Pakistan win the world cup.

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