Posted on March 12, 2007
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15 responses to “Picture of the Day: Atum Bum Siri Paaye”

  1. mazhar butt says:

    Depending on your taste buds and appetite for them, Siri-paya continues to be a favorite dish of the Amritsaris and Lahoris,,,although it is also eaten with pleasure in other parts of the country. It is taken with rice for dinner but it also tastes wonderful with ”Kulcha” or ”Nan’ when taken as breakfast. Both cattle and goat/sheep payas are eaten as a ‘delicacy”.In Punjabi language, the portion of the ‘head’ which is consumed is called ”KHUD”” and ”Zabaan”while the ‘feet” or ‘calves” of the both are commonly known as ”KHARORAY” and eaten cooked with pleasure by the choosy ‘gourmet”.

  2. Ali says:

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  3. Zafar Mansoor says:

    I haven’t read all the comments but most tend to ignore the fact that bill board mentions ‘bum’ and not ‘bomb’. This is not my observation, Tariq Ali observed the same in his book ‘Will Pakistan Survive’ a long ago. Urdu rendition of bomb seems to have a wider and deeper meaning.

    And I hope the chef washed his hands after blowing his nose and there is protection from ‘birdie bombs’ from the tree; or does that add to the taste!

  4. Asma says:

    Zainub, sirri’s the HEAD of bakra :D

  5. Disciple says:

    Never been able to muster up courage for two dishes; Siri-pai and Nihari.

    As a separate issue does anyone else not like teenday as well?