Law Minister Wasi Zafar Misbehaving on VOA

Posted on March 13, 2007
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I was watching the dramatic developments regarding Chief Justice of Pakistan’s case on GEO news today and wondering how much more we have to see after seeing police misbehaving with Chief Justice and his family.

Little did I know what was in store for me. During Kamran Khan’s show, Ansaar Abassi – investigative editor of The News, Islamabad – brought viewers attention to a shocking incident which happened during a live Voice of America ( VOA ) radio show interview (Round Table) yesterday (Listen by clicking audio symbol below)


Not surprisingly, it involves our Law Minister, Mr. Wasi Zafar. We have often read various reports about public displays of misbehaviors by Federal Minister for Law Wasi Zafar. But this is quite unbelievable.

Listen to the abusive language after the 34th minutes in particular. But also listen to the tone of the discussion of the entire interview in general. This, then, is our Federal Law Minister in action. Its worth hearing.

The Federal Minister said all this in response to a story by the investigative editor The News in which he wrote about the Law Minister’s “long arm of law.” Apparently he doesn’t know the difference between long arm and giving “a big hand.”

Listen to the clip and judge for yourself. I am just speechless!

ADDED 14 March: Here is the video clip of the report on this incident on GEO.

Wasi Zafar using bad languag in VOA live Program

(Report on this in The News).

173 responses to “Law Minister Wasi Zafar Misbehaving on VOA”

  1. imran says:

    salam of all ,
    wasi sahib BUSY in jarawala ,

    taking comision from migistrate,police station,contractor,courts,tehsil dar ,patwari,so forth.
    he’s is very busy person.

  2. Murtaza says:

    This is the first time in my life when i feel ASHAMED of being a Pakistani.

    I have been a staunch supporter of musharraf for quite a while but after witnessing this shameful episode, I hope history repeats itself and musharraf meets the same fate as Zia ul haq.

  3. Mehtab Ahmed says:

    Muslim League Quaid-i-Azam didn’t award ticket to Wasi Zafar which means we will not be able to hear his indecent conversations and acts live on tv. How disappointing is that :P. I guess Kings Party has also learned a lesson that Wasi can only bring them a bad name. Shef Afghan Niazi was also not awarded ticket initially but then Mush interfered and he got it.

  4. i am a dual national from uk who has a property in pakistan, the law in pakistan is so corrupt and disgracefull, no matters brought before the courts are resolved.
    i own a house that has been occuppied for over 2 years illegally without my consent.
    i have registered the case in the courts annd nothing has been done, no wonder why pakistan has a bad stigma of fraud and deception, i would like someone to contact me to help with this matter

  5. Rana Ejaz says:

    This is funny. Where is Wasi Zafar these days? Why do people in his constituency vote for him if he is such an ill mannered person?

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