Posted on March 18, 2007
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120 responses to “1948-2007: Bob Woolmer Dies of Heart Attack”

  1. […] Someone sent me these lines that pay a befitting tribute to Bob Woolmer, the dedicated coach of Pakistan’s cricket team who died last week. […]

  2. Akif Nizam says:

    ….can you believe this sh** ! Scotland Yard is about to announce that Woolmer died of natural causes !

  3. Disciple says:

    Pakistan to hold Woolmer service

    A memorial service for murdered Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer will be held in Lahore on Sunday. m

    Anyone who is in Lahore this Sunday please try to attend the sevice to honour Bob Woolmer. Thanks.

  4. Allah Vasaya says:

    Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk on match fixing in Pakistan and Bob Woolmer’s death. Really interesting discussion

  5. baba says:

    Deniel Hair …………………. bob woolmer………i think the hand of deniel hair must envolved…… he took revenge from pakistani team to put pakistani team in truble