Posted on March 28, 2007
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5 responses to “Hot off the Urdu Press – 7”

  1. Sania says:

    App ne bohat acha kaam kya hai blog main.
    plz isse jari rakhna…

  2. chiefSahib says:

    First they take over a library armed.
    Now this!
    First the bearded ones decide that tv is evil now they cant get enough airtime
    They also decided that women should stay at home and not be educated now they decided that they are perfect pawns in their game of chess. If anyone attacks these arm-weilding burka clad women that would gain them mass support.
    They are above the law

    Why can’t people be taught to think for once.
    It seems that the bearded ones have found a new way of exploiting women by convincing them that yes they should rally for their own exploitation .

  3. Suleman says:

    BTW Moazzam’s story has reached BBC site
    This is quite poor press the issue I have is how loosely the word “Taliban” is used in media. Taliban is plural to Talib, which is a student. Taliban doesn’t necessary mean these folks are organized and associated with folks in Afghanistan. This can be an independent madarassa attempting to enforce their views, which are far fetched, but should not in any case attempt to link with “War of Terror” . Besides the gov’t should have the courage to intervene.

  4. Indscribe says:

    Interesting. Sometime back in India also Urdu press reported how interpretation over a couplet recited by a poet in a mushaira in Najeebabad town in Uttar Pradesh had caused a bloody clash between two groups after the mushaira.

    Guns came out and shots were fired. The link is here( flares-up-passions-gunshots.html). Such things don’t get reported in English press, of course, here and Urdu papers report them.

  5. moazzam raza tabassam says:

    ….TALBAN STARTS OPPRATIONS IN ISLAMABAD ……… Students of Local madrassa jamiah Hifsa of islamabad started talban style moment in capital day before yester day. On monday a group of Male and female students of madrassa Hifsa raded a Lady shamim house in G-6 sector and blamed her for unislamic bussiness and warrand her. this group also raded in abpara and warraned shop keeper for s selling music and movies cds and unislamic dresses. very next on tuseday these students again wemt to lady shamim,sealed house and brought her forcly in madrassa hifsa. these local madrassa talban also visited meloday and abpara markets and warrned shopkeeper for unislamic bussiness. the administration of Madrassa hifsa also set up a tele phone help line for unislamic bussiness complaints. the administration of Madrssa also annoced for lanching a FM station , named Voice of Allah o Akber. this all happening in area hardly 2 kilometer from president house in capital.