Posted on March 29, 2007
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208 responses to “Laathi Raj: Jamia Hafsa’s Offensive on a Divided Society”

  1. Any kind of operation like that in the country show the clear failure of the government policies, while the credit goes to the president of Pakistan.

    Now we are requested to give up.


  2. ATP Administrator says:

    With commenters now repeating their points again and again, many attempts at trolling, purposeful provacation, and abuse of ATP commet policy, it is now time to close this discussion. Despite attempts to derail discussion, we at ATP will continue striving for civil and sober discourse on issues of importance to Pakistan.

  3. bhitai says:

    What amazes me is that I NEVER read a story where these vigilantes targeted anyone from their *own* ranks. Their hypocrisy speaks volumes, after all, why did the *police* have to take action against this child-predator disguised as a mullah. Where were the ever watchful defenders of our morality??