Chief Justice Case: Is Something About To Happen?

Posted on April 24, 2007
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Adil Najam

Over the last number of weeks now we have quietly followed the news on the Chief Justice’s removal case even as the paishis keep happening but also keep getting postponed.

That may happen again today but it should be clear by now to everyone that this issue is not going to die away and as it winds through the system, instead of other (very dramatic) news eroding the importance of this case, the symbolic value of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s stand is actually increasing.

The lawyers will be at the court once again today. Once again there is talk of protests and showdowns. Once again, the likely result is of hearings being postponed. But important events also continue unfolding even as this happens.

A few that are worth reminding ourselves of include:

A bench of the Supreme Court has now served notice on President Pervez Musharraf on the CJ’s petition challenging the filing of a reference against him.

Prominent lawyer Sharifuddin Pirzada has agreed to represent the government in the Supreme Court on the issue, after having declined to do so earlier.

PML-Q is planning a major demonstration in response to the anti-government demonstrations on the issue and, reportedly, has brought in its supporters from other cities for this. There are indications that we may be in for a ‘clash of the protestors’ today.

The National Assembly saw an uproar over the judiciary issue and there were heated exchanges between government and oposition leaders on the CJ issue; not surprisingly, Law Minister Wasi Zafar was in the forefront of trying to suppress the debate.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry continues to attract much support and large crowds, especially within the lawyer community, including judges.

Acting Chief Justice Rana Bhagwandas continues to talk the nation ‘will hear good news soon’ line, but it remains clear what that might really mean.

Piecing together the puzzle and making sense of it all is, of course, leading to much speculation everywhere and by everyone. Much of it is exactly that – speculation. But one thing is clear; this case has taken on a life that is bigger than either Gen. Musharraf or Justice Iftikhar would have imagined it would have when things started unravelling three weeks ago.

40 responses to “Chief Justice Case: Is Something About To Happen?”

  1. Nasir says:

    KJ, also check how democratic Altaf Bhai is; ub_Images/1100186136-1.gif

    He complains of Jamaat Islami being Army’s B team, what is he doing?

    He complained of Jamia Hufsa, what did his party do on 12th May? Much more than Jamia Hufsa could have done.

    In one day everyone has seen the real face of MQM and Altaf Hussain.

  2. Nasir says:

    KJ, read this

    and open your eyes

  3. Nasir says:

    [quote comment=”47311″]as for as the rally went, CJ is 110% responsible for the violence. He was told not to come. [/quote]

    KJ, you have hit the nail on the head. It’s the MQM’s non-democratic, uncivil and illegal attitude that is the cause of this incident. MQM had no right to forcefully bar any civilian, let alone CJ of Pakistan, from entering Karachi. MQM had every responsibility, being in government, to maintain law and order. MQM failed miserably on both fronts, deliberately.
    Give it a rest. No one is buying MQM propaganda for a moment.

  4. Issam Ahmed says:

    Is it mathematically possible for anyone to be responsible more than 100%?

  5. Issam Ahmed says:

    I cannot agree with your laying ALL the blame on the CJ for the killings in Karachi. Did the Sindh Govt and MQM really think that by holding a MQM rally on the same day as his visit was a means of promoting peace and harmony for the people of Karachi? Or is the blood of innocents on their hands from a pre-meditated stupidly murderous strategy? was there any reason that they could not have chosen to hold their rally a day earlier or later?
    That the Corps Commander and the IGP did not obey the Sind Chief Justice’s orders is another scandal waiting to come out.
    Musharraf has done some good things for Pakistan but no individual should be allowed to be above the law of the land, to take away the rights of the nation to fair representation and to have access to justice against the strong. He may not be as morally bankrupt as some previous democratic leaders but that does not give him carte blance to stay in power indefinitely while flouting all norms of law and mocking our constitution.
    One of Musharraf’s most blatant crimes against the people of Pakistan is his imposition on the people of Pakistan men such as Wasi Zafar who is reputed to be an undercover ISI agent and the CMs of our provinces – unjust men with flimsy moral moorings. We deserve better leadership.

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