Posted on May 4, 2007
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87 responses to “International Mystic Music Sufi Festival in Karachi”

  1. The Management
    Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop,

    Dear Sir(s),

    With your graciousness I could perform twice in your festivals i.e. Sufi World Music Festival in 2000 and in 2001.

    But I could not understand that why you have not given me further invitation for your next festival or for any calssical music concert(s).

    Kindly oblige by your reply.


    Khan Master Naeem Hussain
    Shahnai Nawaz,
    House No. F-687, Near Wali Pan Shop,
    Irani Camp, Sector No. 11, Orangi Town,
    Tel: 021-36663837
    Mob: 0333-2281440

  2. i m naviin from india & i play a uniq bow instrument called belabaharr which my father has invented wish to showcase my art of tabla & this instrument in karachi,its my dream to see & enjoy my music & it wud also b my privelege to b with people there interact & also touch the pakistan soil,inshahallah m hope ur reply on +919820207827
    thanks regards =related