Karachi Burning: Clashes, Violence, Firing, Deaths

Posted on May 12, 2007
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Adil Najam

Pictures on the television show Karachi burning. The city is at war. Morchas everywhere. Clashes, violence, firing, deaths.

The Chief Justice is holed up at the airport and the streets are ruled by mobs. Aaj TV is being fired at and Talat Hussain reports that the police and rangers are unable to get their to help because the roads are blocked (to stop the Chief Justice). Of course, these road blocks have not stopped the killers who are firing at the TV station. As of now 15 are reported dead. Over 100 seriously injured. Hospitals in Karachi have declared an emergency. The Prime Minister has called an emergency meeting of his own to respond to what the government is calling a ‘security situation’ but which sounds, smells, looks and feels like the beginning of a war on the streets of Karachi. Flights in and out of the city are stalled. Train traffic is stopped. The city seems to have descended back to its darkest days of street violence.

Meanwhile, the petty blame game continues. But things are changing too fast for one to analyze them. But one thing is certain. Things have gone out of control. Totally out of control. Totally out of everyone’s control. It is a sad sad day for all of us.

I wish I had something more profound to say. All I can hink of right now is what someone wrote on our comments section recently: Khuda Khair Karray!

(Picture credits BBC and The News and pictorial story at Bilal Zuberi’s blog; great blog coverage at Karachi Metroblog).

262 responses to “Karachi Burning: Clashes, Violence, Firing, Deaths”

  1. Ali says:

    Just 1 question to everyone…Which party has the mandate in Karachi????…offcourse MQM….then what the Hell were other parties with automatic weapons doing in Karachi???…n u think that the biggest Party of Karachi will allow others to do it…MQM had to stop it because no one other would!…they were in the Government, it was their right…..First it wanted to do it in the good way by sending 1000s of msgs to chief justice tht please dont come, “your arrival can create violence”…but no!…chief justice came & achieved what he wanted!!!!

  2. Arshad says:

    MQM is the only party which will never be seen after Bloody Altaf Hussain, who is hiding and living on Forced Charity(Bhatha, Ghunda Tax) in U.K.

    If that murderer is so much partiotic, should be seen in Pakistan. Talking Non Sense is the easiest work.

    Former MQM member.

  3. Qausain says:

    Political Terrorism

  4. Shahood says:

    No one knows about MQM!The best political party in the world who is working for rights.I am 18 years old and i am also the member of MQM.
    My message to the people of Pakistan:
    Join MQM and vote only for MQM!

  5. Annie Syedha says:

    ” Masnoi Amn ” is not what the people ( not belonging to MQM ) want!!
    What’s our fault !! everybody forgotten 12th May 2007!!
    Save us !!

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