Posted on May 15, 2007
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34 responses to “The Tragic Story of a Peasant: Manoo Bheel”

  1. Babar Javed says:

    Here is the latest in Mannu Bheel case:

    Poor Mannu Bheel still seeks justice from Pakistani judiciary who failed to recover his family, kidnapped 10 years ago. Read the latest from DAWN

    The News Report
    HYDERABAD: The peasants, who were liberated from a private jail of Sanghar landlord Abdul Rahman Mari, staged a demonstration outside the Hyderabad Press Club on Friday against bonded labour, private jails and feudalism. The demo was led by civil society activists, including Soomar Bheel, Abbas Kassar, Comrade Ghulam Husain Malookhan, Bhooromal and Mst Lali Kolhan. They refuted landlord Mari?s claim that the liberated peasants owed Rs 1.3 million debt to him. They said landlord Marri was also involved in kidnapping the family of peasant Mannu Bheel.

    Where is that Doggar guy who claims to be the chief justice of Pakistan?

  2. Amna Salahuddin says:

    The case is still alive and poor Bheel still seeks his children. Various news channels today showed reports of Manu Bheel protesting with hundreds of people, demanding the arrest of landlord Mari and release of their families. Not much is likely to happen in my view.

    Can someone give an update on current situation and today’s demonstrations please!


  3. Tina says:

    I too would like to know the “rest of the story”, but I don’t think we ever will. There’s also a woman named Khattu among the fisher-folk community who was kidnapped by a landlord leaving behind a baby less than a year old. Apparently the landlord has a history of rape and sadism. But these cases just get buried.

    Perhaps someone knows something. Any updates?

  4. Zaigham Rizvi says:

    What happened to Manu Bheel case and the missing persons case? Anyone knows the latest. I am sure the PCO judges must have silenced those poor people.

    It seems that after Chief Justice Iftikhar\’s removal, both the cases have been silently dropped.