Posted on May 26, 2007
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166 responses to “Being Woman in Pakistan”

  1. Tahira Masood says:

    To Aisha sarwari:I am happy you did teach them a lesson. well done. May God Bless you.Amen

    I think the people who claim our society does not encourage this attitude should know that though not openly but indirectly and secretly it promotes this. Do not be shocked. Both men and women are to be blamed for this.
    when a girl who has been molested complains about it she is told to keep quiet or stay in, abandon the education, leave the job or the society will shun her. People will think evil about her conduct and modesty. Her marriage may be spoiled. If unmarried, marriage proposals may not show up. The consequences can be so sever that not only she but her other family members may suffer afterwards on the long run. Male member’s safety can be threatened, if involved. Her other sisters may not get Sharif matches for marriage as well.
    In fact this can make a girl’s and family’s life a total disaster.

    The men and boys who posses this behavior are in fact cowardice, sick, illiterate( though maybe educated but within them the light of knowledge has not reached their hearts ) , insane, conscious less worthless beings that should not be called human. Thus should be seriously dealt with.

    Everyevil should be taken by its roots. From the child hood mother’s should teach them to respect their sisters, cousins and other women in the society.
    Education should be a must for everyone and the respect for the gender difference should be taught in schools.
    Such boys or men should be given the punishment of community service for certain period of time + a crash course of educational lessons to teach them respect for the better half.
    There should be an easy to access organization where such girls can complain, anonymously.
    There should be certain laws for women too. By which she should not go out alone unless direly needed. And she should also observe modesty in her behavior,looks and dress.
    The men who respect and help women when molested or teased should be given some award of heroic act. It will encourage others too.
    I was raised in Punjab and lived for sometime in Karachi.
    Although I did not have a bad experience in this regard. But have surely observed this insane and hostile behavior of our country men. It is so annoying that one would wish to have on the spot passed a death verdict on such individuals .

    To Aisha in UK: I read your post and was ashamed to to see the behavior of my country man. But I am very happy that he chose a very good life partner even from the west. A person who has sen and witnessed the light of truth and embraced it wholely, who knows the meaning of true love can bring a real change.
    Since, regardless of difference in natures, you both do care and love each other. There is a strong beam of hope for a better understanding in future between both of you if you continued your efforts with love and patience. There is no power after God stronger then love.
    Every individual has some good qualities and weaknesses. No one is an angel. As long as sincerity and loyalty prevails good is sure to come.
    Wish you all the best sister.