Posted on June 2, 2007
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38 responses to “Electronic Media Under Siege in Pakistan??”

  1. mozang bijjli says:

    Thanks Aqil!
    i was too schocked and disappointed at this report that I wrote to PTI via there web site and giving a piece of my mind, i never expected a reply from them but they were so good as to send a reply with in hours and in their answer a Mr ali zaidi of PTI has vehemently denied the report quoting it as a misinformation on the behest of agencies.
    I for my self was very angry even mad at Imran khan because I have started to look at him as a harbinger of change we so much covet.
    I am not a karachite and have nothing personal against altaf hussain but his maniac killlings on May 12 has forced me to pray for his equally torterous death by God if no man in pakistan has courage to speak against him. I know Altaf hussains ibrat-naak-maut is not going to bring the innocents killed in his satanic endeavours. i shiver when i think the one dead on may 12 might be an only son, a newly wed husband, a father of little children. Altaf hussain may escape courts and trial but he can not escape judgement of God which is ultimate.
    Good thing is Imarn khan is fighting for us. and is not harassed by MQM.

  2. Aqil Sajjad says:

    Hold on guys. It’s a bit premature to decide that Imran Khan has patched up with MQM and is not going to file the law suit by reading just a report in which the correspondent has not even been named. This could even have been planted at the behest of MQM possibly with the connivance of some turncoat in PTI.

    Here is a denial by someone in the May 12 group (this is the group of Pakistanis in England who have decided to work with Imran Khan on the May 12 issue).

    “Imran Khan was scheduled to leave for Spain with his children from long before. He will be back in London tomorrow.

    “Imran Khan met with his solicitor (who is also named Imran Khan) on Monday the 4th of June. May 12th members were also present. The case is proceeding ahead as planned. I just called up the London offices of the PTI. They are denying that this report is accurate and have promised to investigate the source of this news.”

  3. mazhar butt says:

    most probably Imran will not file a suit against Altaf Hussain,,,,,,,,,,, after all, politicians are chip of the same block !