Posted on June 7, 2007
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10 responses to “ATP Poll Results: Will Pakistan Have Elections in 2007?”

  1. sohail dilawer says:

    i like president pervaz musharraf. I will like if he makes martial law, then he will be the most popular. he is my hero

  2. thanos says:

    Thanks for posting the results, they are interesting, and as the prior commenter says, anecdotal. (Web polls always are) What is most interesting to me is that one third say no, one third say yes, and the other third is ambivalent or anti-status quo. It sounds just like the US at the moment.

  3. asa says:

    First time i have decided to vote for some in pakistan. Used to hate all the political parties in pakistan but Imran Khan deserves to be the president. My only concern is that the Agencies, puppet goverment and the other opposition parties might now allow him to gain a majority of seats in the parliment.
    But always hope for the best. Our country needs educated people like him, not some crooked and exteremist politicans.

  4. Hameed says:

    Are you serious?

    How can you use a non-scientific poll so seriously?

    Online polls are largeley flawed. I hope you look into this issue and not treat online polls so seriously.

  5. Sohail says:

    4. Imran Khan in Aaghaz (ARYONE World) part 3,4 a must…was even before 3/9.

    Imran Khan has been saying these things all along, but see how his pedictions are coming true and how media has caught on the idea ‘Imran Khan’ whose time has come!