Posted on June 25, 2007
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39 responses to “Education For All – A Wonderful Idea in Action”

  1. charagh ali says:

    thanks to all brother and sisters who feel pain of the nation and have the deep sence to do some thing to bring the revolutin to uplift the poors specially rural poor. being rural developer i slut to all have the sence. respected alls in thes days i am working for my MS thesis my area of study is causes of gender disparity at primary school education in district khushab. all of you are requested to ples support and guide me in this regard.
    thanks a lot
    charagh ali 03315440594
    MS-RD iiui

  2. Literacy Empowers

    International Literacy Day 8th September 2009

    This year the theme for international Literacy Day is “The Power of Literacy”, it aims on empowering the role of literacy and its importance for participation, citizenship and social development.

    “Every educated person is not rich, but every educated person has a way out of poverty.” – K Bianco

    Illiteracy is a plague that affects 600 million Asians. It hinders development and progress. It is the root of poverty and exploitation.
    Over 600 million people in asia cannot read or write, this is 4 times the total of Africa, latin America, Europe and Eurasia combined.
    Children are not sent to school because their parents are either too hungry, too poor or too sick.
    1 in 2 girls are illiterate in Bangladesh, India and PAKISTAN.

    It is time for all of us who are privileged to be literate to help those who are struggling to fight against poverty. It is all of us who have the power to give a chance to all those who deserve our help.
    It is time to stand up and wage a war against ILLITERACY.

    An inspiring video: =related

    Abida Mahmood
    General Secretary
    Pakistan Education Watch(PEW)

    PEW is a network of voluntary people and institutions committed to the cause of ‘Quality Education For All’ in Pakistan. It believes that education is the basic human right of all citizens- men, women, children, youth and adults. Education being the foundation of sustainable development and improvement of quality of life of all people, must be promoted through formal and non-formal channel and methods. Pakistan Education Watch aims to mobilize all sections of the society to realize the urgency of eradicating illiteracy.

    To post to this group, send email to
    For more options, visit this group at

    PEW is now on face book. For further details please visit:

  3. Watan Aziz says:

    ~~Punjab government has spent 190 million Rupees just on advertising Parha Likha Punjab campaigns with President and Chief Minister’s photos. ~~

    Help is on the way!

    There will now be accountibilty and performance expected.

    No more toys for big boys.

    Yes, I do have audacity of hope.

  4. Watan Aziz says:

    ~~Most of the children in rural areas start working in fields with their parents instead of going to schools mainly due to economic reasons and also because there is no school available in their own village.~~

    What if, the education was actually relevant to their lives in villages?

    We need a curriculum and standards exclusively focused on local cultivation issues, local history, local language, and mixed up with basic sciences, health and hygiene and arithmetic and faith.

    Naturally, this concept foreign to the “baus” in Education Department.