Posted on June 25, 2007
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10 responses to “Italy to return 96 heritage items to Pakistan”

  1. Aisha says:

    Ah…yes, now we know one more reason why Pakistanis love the Italians though preferably the Sicilians, hai?…lol.

    Insha’allah after returning home briefly to Pakistan, they will then be on display at fine museums around the world for people to see.

    I just love visiting Museums! Where else can you go to see the world’s treasures?

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @Owais Mughal,
    thanks for reminding me of your sincere effort, alas, only
    8 reactions, but good ones, I hope the subject will be brought
    back on this blog, please do that.
    Brain-drain, relics-drain, its too much !!
    Rafay Kashmiri

  3. Sourav says:

    I feel attribution is more important than the actual possession of historical artifacts. If Italy simply attributes that the artifacts were in fact from the region that is Pakistan, that itself is more important than actually possessing it. This way it at least educates people of history they might not otherwise know.

    I put forward a similar argument for India’s campaign to bring the Kohinoor back. If the UK admits that it is from India, why bother bringing it back? At least it is open to a wide audience there.

  4. chief sahib says:

    now all that is needed is for us to appreciate our history
    Any idea if these pieces will be on display anywhere?

  5. Niazi says:

    We are getting them back because the Italians did’nt like them.