Posted on July 8, 2007
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19 responses to “Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti – Personal Memoirs – Part I”

  1. Raj says:

    Thanks for giving such a detailed information about my childhood hero Dildar Parvaiz Bhatti. We would wait for his show TAKRA in Amritsar. His jokes were original. He cracked a joke about movie Paakizaah’s song. On the sets of TAKRA he said, Meena Kumari came to me and said Chalo Dildar Chalo..Chaand Ke Paar Chalo…His presentations of English songs on Radio Pakistan Lahore 2 are still fresh in my mind. May God give him peace.

  2. Afaq Ahmed says:

    I remember my father (the late playback singer Akhlaq Ahmed) had a performance on Mela (variety program hosted by Uncle Dildar) and had taken me along to the shooting. As my dad was getting ready and there was still a lot of time for the show to start, he asked uncle Dildar to take me out for lunch (I had just come back from school and was only 6/7 at the time). Uncle Dildar took me to a bakery near the PTV studios on his bike/car (I don’t remember clearly) He then asked me to pick anything I wanted to eat and chose a couple of chicken patties and something else. At the checkout counter I saw a pack of sweets which I really fancied and without thinking asked for them as well… Upon inquiring why I wanted them, I shyly remarked “khana khaane ke baad meetha bhi khana chahiay” at which uncle Dildar laughed and bought me the sweets. He told my dad upon our return and he laughed as well…

    Uncle Dildar was an amazing person and well loved by everyone. It was a big loss hearing about his death. We will all miss him. May Allah SWT bless him.

  3. Pervaiz Munir Alvi says:

    SSR: Please read part II, III & IV also on this blog. If you ‘click’ at my name at the top of the post you will find all four parts and other contribution by me in the ‘archive’ section. Thanks for the interest.

  4. SSR says:

    Dear Alvi Sahib

    Its wonderful to read your personal memories of
    Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti. I found your article by chance. It is also great how other people have fond memories of him too. Please share some more with all of us as I am forever thursty to know more about him.

    How long had you known him? Did you go to school together? Did you live nearby him or did you work with him? Thanks for your writing.