Posted on July 16, 2007
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9 responses to “Mobile Activism in Pakistan”

  1. NOMAN says:

    We saw even more activisim during the Emergency

  2. Shehzad A says:

    Teeth, thanks for introducing me to this interesting looking service, i managed to register, but havent yet subscribed, although im in IT professional, for some odd reason im always pessimistic when it comes to new technology, maybe im too old :)

  3. Babar says:

    Indeed sms can be abused in many ways and spam remains a problem. However if there’s a cause to which people can relate and there is a well-managed sms campaign then sms can become a powerful tool. The control should remain with the user.

  4. @A Thought – I agree – and be grateful that there are not many crackberry (Blackberry) users as that is a far more lethal menace all together.

    There is absolutely no cell phone courtesy AT ALL, educated and uneducated have the itch to answer that all important crank call, talk loudly, ask who it is, and say sorry wrong number, the entire conversation loud enough to wake up the living dead. It Burns me to death.

    If god forbid you ask them to turn it off, its a crime of the century, and heck even after 10 requests they will still never have the courtesy to put it on silent