Posted on July 27, 2007
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76 responses to “ATP POLL Redeaux: Benazir-Musharraf Deal”

  1. KAWA1 says:


    The answer lies in continuation of democratic process. It takes nations years of struggle for true democracy to evolve. Today Javed Hashmi spoke in an interview with BBC that PML (N) should hold elections within the party and PML is not be be a cult of any individual or family.

    The same will happen with PPP or MQM with single individual leading forever and will not be able to claim titles like “Pir” or Quaid or whatever BB has herself called for lifetime ..

    There is no magic wand that will change everyone. First step was good; Free Judiciary, Second step better; Doctrine of Necessity buried forever, lets hope for the third one; Absolute Free and Fair elections and let the people of Pakistan be the masters of their destiny and choose who so ever they want. Not have a scoundrel General/Generals bring in imported PM’s to impose on the people.

    In the city I live in, I would accept the most corrupt elected “nazim” to be responsible for my city then have a FSC 3rd Division pass SHO to rule me (out of question), I meant rule the city I live in, by force!

    Only shameless people are ruled by dictators. Proud nations reject tyrants because every tyrant is a “mouse” in reality and hide in spider holes when his life is at stake (Saddam Hussain being a prime example).